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iTranslator is FREE. Thanks to our voting system, you can get as many characters as you need.


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iTranslator is simply a fast, easy-to-use, efficient and powerful (flow) translation tool application designed for Discord with an insane user experience in mind.

It gives you the ability to automatically translate (or not) any message into many different languages. It also has many simple interaction features to make the experience smoother and more enjoyable.

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How I can invite iTranslator?

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Nothing could be easier! There are several buttons ("Invite iTranslator") on the page, click on them and follow the instructions. It is recommended to leave the default permissions for the bot to work properly.

Is iTranslator a paid service?

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NO! iTranslator is free and unlimited because there is always a free way to reset your character consumption easily. However, there is a premium version that contains many exclusive features, limit removal and much more!

Is iTranslator only a translator bot?

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It is mainly a translation bot. However, users asked for new features, so there more to discover. You can also submit your suggestions, so we can continue to add features and improve the bot.

Are there any restrictions/limitations?

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As explained in a previous answer, we offer a unique experience with NO LIMIT. If you don't use the premium version, you may be informed by the bot of a limit, but you can reset it at any time, simply, quickly and for FREE by voting for us. It's an easy way to get you involved in the project without paying. So there is no limit.

Is iTranslator moderation friendly?

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Of course, it is! We take care to offer our users a unique and enjoyable experience. For moderators, you can enjoy a simple and automated moderation system that will make your job easier in the fight against inappropriate behavior on your server.

In which ways can it translate?

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There are many ways to translate. You can use commands, automatic channels, translations using flag reactions, etc... You can even set up different styles in any form you like.